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I am pleased to say that Science has made our much-discussed article available by author referral. So for those who haven’t read it yet, now you can.

Here’s the trick: You’ve gotta go to Matt Nisbet’s blog to do so. Then click the link on the left margin.

Meanwhile, of course there have been tons of new reactions. I’ll recommend Simon Donner‘s in particular.

Finally, I’ve noticed several bloggers spelling Matt Nisbet’s name wrong. Talk about lame…


  1. #1 Blake Stacey
    April 11, 2007

    All other matters aside, that’s a horrible way to make articles available. It even makes life harder for the journal publisher: how are they supposed to tell which sites are referring readers to the article? This, presumably, is mildly valuable information, but they obliterate that information by forcing readers through the gauntlet.

  2. #2 Trinifar
    April 11, 2007

    I agree with Blake but also appreciate you found a way to make the article available. That’s much more than I expected. Thanks.

  3. #3 micro mel
    April 12, 2007

    I’ve been not-so-patiently waiting to read this article! 😉 My university is hosting a conference on Communicating Science, Math and Engineering to Broader Audiences, so talk about perfect timing for access to this article.
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  4. #4 micro mel
    April 12, 2007

    Random thought: you, Mr. Mooney, of all people should have been asked to speak at the conference I mentioned! Unless of course you were asked, but your busy schedule didn’t allow for it. I’ll hear you and Matt Nisbet discuss ‘Framing Science’ at the Stowers Institute in May anyway. 🙂

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