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i-1a0979a02359a7ec043a287a080e0cfb-stormworld cover.jpg Storm World has now been reviewed by many of the early bird pubs catering to bookstores, libraries, and the publishing industry. Reviews have appeared in: Publisher’s Weekly, Kirkus, Booklist, and now finally Library Journal. I’m pleased to report that in its June 15 issue, this last publication has also given the book a star and a very positive review:

Mooney, Chris. Storm World: Hurricanes, Politics, and the Battle Over Global Warming.

Mooney (The Republican War on Science) presents a captivating and comprehensive look at the debate–now raging among atmospheric scientists and climatologists–over whether global warming is making hurricanes stronger. On one side are scientists like William Gray, the Colorado State University hurricane expert who believes that the intensity and frequency of hurricanes rise and fall according to natural cycles. Climatologists, though, believe their mathematical models show that global warming is intensifying hurricanes. A product of extensive research, including numerous interviews with Gray and others, this book brilliantly and compellingly explains the complex relationships among global warming, climate modeling, government science, and hurricane forecasting that frame the often contentious and personal debate. Mooney is fascinated by Gray, a Democrat, and tries to understand why he denies the global warming-hurricane intensity link, a link also denied by the current Republican administration. Despite the subject of his first book, Mooney here is balanced and objective throughout. Highly recommended for all libraries.

–Jeffrey Beall, Univ. of Colorado at Denver & Health Sciences Ctr.

Once again, the Storm World website is here. The book comes out July 9, 2007, though I suspect there are already some hard copies floating around by now (although I haven’t yet seen one)….

P.S.: For those interested, in August there will also be an audio book of Storm World….


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