The Intersection

This is pretty cool–there is a concordance of Storm World available on the page for the book. These are the top 100 words:

2004 2005 2006 activity air another atlantic atmosphere basin between called came cane category center central change charney climate cyclones data day debate different down during early emanuel even first florida get global gray heat holland however hurri hurricane increase ing intensity know landsea later long major may media might models national new noaa now number ocean pacific paper people point press pressure public record region research results riehl science scientific scientists sea season see seemed set state still storm study temperatures theory time trenberth trend tropical two upon warm warming water weather webster whether winds work world years yet

Besides the fact that “hurri,” “cane,” and “ing,” are counted as words, this is pretty cool. It’s even kinda poetical at points.

Word I’m most surprised not to see here: “Katrina.”

Words I now know I overuse: “may,” “might.”

Closing thought: Can we make this into refrigerator magnets or something?


  1. #1 cate
    June 26, 2007

    Actually, in northern England “ing” is a word, I recently learned. It means “meadow.” (You probably didn’t use it in that sense, though!)

  2. #2 Jack
    June 27, 2007

    Having faced this problem myself, here are some alternate choices for “however”:

    on the other hand
    in contrast
    in spite of
    alternatively (or alternately)
    a different (take, view, interpretation, conclusion)
    at variance (or in variance)

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