The Intersection

NYAS.GIFOn June 4, more than 120 people turned out for the Mooney/Nisbet Speaking Science 2.0 talk at the New York Academy of Sciences. The talk is now part of their online content, including an E-briefing summary along with the powerpoint slides synchronized with audio of our presentation. With this tool you can listen to the entire talk or scroll through the labeled sections and slides based on topic.

NYAS has allowed free access to this member content by way of the following link.

And so now I will again challenge those who criticized some of the original “framing science” ideas to engage with them in a more complete format. Now there’s audio, there’s slides, there’s a full write up, not to mention the previously announced YouTube video….you can really take your pick.


  1. #1 Norman Doering
    June 27, 2007

    I stumbled upon some polling information that might be relevant to your framing argument.

    This post on my blog has some polling data showing that before the 9/11 attacks a 1999 Gallup poll had showed 49 percent of the American public would have been willing to vote for an atheist, by 2006 it had dropped to 37 percent. Now, according to the latest Newsweek poll, it’s down to 29 percent.

    However, the results seem to contradict a Feb. 9-11, 2007 Gallup poll where atheists score 45 percent, only dropping 3 points, which is still the lowest rating.

    The Newsweek poll suggests that the average American is finding atheism more threatening than before 9/11.

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