The Intersection

There’s some more new stuff on the book front:

* Andrew Freedman did a very thoughtful review of Storm World over at the Weather Channel website Forecast Earth.

* Next week, I am going to be guest blogging about the book–about global warming and related issues, really–over at Kevin Drum’s Political Animal (which, just in case there are any science nerds here completely unfamilar with the political blogosphere, is also the homepage of the Washington Monthly).

* A lively discussion of the book is going on over at the website Climate Audit, which tends to be critical of much climate science and where many folks are critically inclined towards my book as well–but I also have at least a few defenders over there, producing an interesting dialogue.

* Finally, the segment of the “Speaking Science 2.0” talk in which I discuss the hurricane-global warming issue has now been put up on YouTube. It’s only 7:43 in length (the entire talk is far longer). You can see it here: