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Our First “K” Storm Since Katrina

Tropical Storm Karen has formed in the open Atlantic, and it’s simply gigantic. Accordingly, I’ve done my latest “Storm Pundit” post about Karen, hurricane size, and what this storm–our eleventh of the year–says about the accuracy of some of the pre-season forecasts. You can read the piece here. Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with a picture of Karen that gives some sense of scale:

i-f40b0cade44823098ac7819913621a97-Karen in Atlantic.jpg

P.S.: Over at The Scientific Activist, Nick Anthis has penned a nice review of Storm World. I particularly like his personal reminiscences about being a kid obsessed with the weather. Check it out.


  1. #1 NIck Anthis
    September 25, 2007

    Thanks for the shout out. I know that mine is a little late in the game, but looking around, it seems that Storm World has inspired some particularly eloquent and interesting reviews from around

  2. #2 Neuro-conservative
    September 25, 2007

    Don’t you think that the Accumulate Cyclone Energy (ACE), which so far this year is rather low, is a more accurate and comprehensive index of seasonal activity?

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