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Sex In My Inbox

Okay folks, while I’m pleased so many are fascinated by Randy’s video, I’m also overwhelmed by the sheer number of science related sex videos flooding my inbox. It’s enough to make a marine scientist blush (and I’m starting to wonder if all this content may be setting off some kind of deviant cyberspace alarm). While I’ve not viewed every link, I assure you that the spectrum of species – and athleticism – is amazing. In any case, what follows is the best of what I’ve received in the mix. Note, this will be the last of such videos for now… although it may be a theme worth revisiting in the future considering the response.

Readers may remember I’m very fascinated in primatology and this ummm… ‘colorful’ video was submitted by Vanessa Woods of the Hominoid Psychology Research Group. She’s sharing the footage with us from all the way out in the Congo where she studies our endangered cousin, the bonobo. Vanessa is yet another great female science blogger at Bonobo Handshake where you can learn more about her research and interests.

i-7ffc5d09b2971f4302bf2841ad87c302-vanessa-photos01.jpgApparently, people think we look alike. You can decide. Interesting, considering I’m an accidental marine biologist who began pursuing primatology and she got her start in marine science. Go figure. A note from Vanessa:

‘Any one who thinks bonobo sexuality is exaggerated compared to chimps, I made this for you.’


  1. #1 Linda
    September 27, 2007

    Interesting video…
    You are both cute.

  2. #2 Umlud
    September 27, 2007

    Apart from both of you being the same gender and having (apparently from the available photos, mind) similar body shape, forehead shape, hair color, eye color, eye shape, skin tone, eyebrow shape, and (arguably) similar smiles, you don’t look anything alike. (Plus, your hair is not straight and roughly of shoulder-length.) But these are based on photographic evidence, and as you know, photos can be doctored. 🙂

  3. #3 Christophe Thill
    September 27, 2007

    You definitely look alike. And it’s a compliment. For both of you.

  4. #4 Fred Bortz
    September 27, 2007

    As usual, I have a book to recommend, Our inner Ape by Frans deWaals. Click my name.

  5. #5 andy kline
    September 27, 2007

    between the video and the “twins” (sheril x2!) i’m having naughty thoughts…

  6. #6 Lance
    September 28, 2007

    Nice Chimp porn.

  7. #7 The Sweetest Heart
    September 28, 2007

    Lance, it’s only natural. I bet you watched the whole thing.

  8. #8 Lance
    September 28, 2007


  9. #9 agnostic
    September 28, 2007

    The vid could’ve been improved if they just went for it and made the soundtrack “Push It” instead of “Let’s Talk About Sex.”

    The primates show wide variation in promiscuity, as you know. It’s a shame that the ones that lead boring, Victorian sex lives don’t get more press — that defies our expectation of “wild jungle sex,” and so should be more surprising and interesting.

    I don’t see a strong resemblance, btw. Her face has a more Irish or French look, while yours is more Eastern European.

  10. #10 vanessa
    September 28, 2007

    Sheril is much prettier than me since i am smeared with baby bonobo poop 90% of the time. Also Tatanga (the alpha male with the erection in the tree) likes to show his love for me by throwing dirt in my hair.

    i would totally have used Push It if I had thought of it. Will use it for the next one, of baby bonobos that i am making during my current study. they have 5 different sexual positions + some that defy description on my coding sheet and they are all under 5 years old.

    btw, it is nice chimp porn, as long as you’re aware they’re bonobos, pan paniscus, not to be confused with pan troglodytes who are the more Victorian species that agnositc is looking for.

    Bonobo handshakes to all of you from Congo…

  11. #11 Lance
    September 28, 2007


    I just thought “chimp porn” sounded funnier than “banobo porn”. I was waiting for some one to correct me. Thanks for doing so politely.

    You look pretty good covered in primate poop. I may have just found a new fetish.

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