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i-c188b88b34a2156c61f6e4f1b60b6716-NAS.jpgSo: I’m in D.C. right now. That’s because Nisbet-Mooney just gave our last “framing science” talk of 2007–a lunch event yesterday at the National Academy of Sciences’ Keck Center. This talk wasn’t open to the public, so we didn’t publicize it, but we can’t think of a better place to wrap things up, at least for this year.

It has definitely been a good one. Originally, we had no idea whether or not this national speaking tour idea would catch on. It was a big experiment. But it turned out to work better than I could have possibly imagined.

Since the April publication of our joint policy forum article in Science entitled “Framing Science,” we have given presentations on science communication hosted by the Stowers Institute for Biomedical Research (Kansas City), the American Institute of Biological Sciences, the Center for American Progress, the American Meteorological Society, the New York Academy of Sciences, George Washington University, the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, the Bell Museum of Natural History (Minneapolis; this was our debate with PZ and Greg Laden), the University of Washington (Seattle), Bucknell University, and finally, the U.S. National Academies.

Next year, we will be adding more events, and indeed, are already booked at the San Francisco Exploratorium in March. In addition, we’re now developing a two-to-three day intensive “boot camp” on science communication, also to be entitled “Speaking Science 2.0.” The workshop will amount to a hands-on media primer, providing scientists with the knowledge and the tools they need to deal with press. In other words, when journalists call they’ll know what to do and what to say (and what not to say, too). And they will leave with a much deeper understanding of the nature of the modern media.

I’ll have more on the “boot camp” at a later date–but for now, allow me to thank Matt Nisbet, and all of the many organizations that hosted us this year, for helping create a truly resonant national and global dialogue about new directions in science communication.


  1. #1 Anne-Marie Hodge
    November 29, 2007

    I was unable to find an e-mail address for you, but please drop me a note if you get time to talk about possibly booking an event if your next tour is going to bring you close to Alabama…

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