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Science = Life

I love being a scientist. That said, science is far too vast to be limited to me and my test tube holding, statistics-savvy, lab-coat-wearing, and/or globe-trotting colleagues who traverse the spectrum of ‘ologies‘… i-fe2f57012e6b63c2480fded69b828931-12drpres2.jpgYou see, science reaches out infinitely beyond the realm of those who ‘do’ it as a profession.

Science is life.

It’s intimately connected to everything we do and never independent of how we spend our days wandering about our great green and blue home. The thing is, we often lose our way as most of us plod through high school wondering how science is actually relevant to our daily lives… (In this example, admittedly, ‘most of us’ is anecdotally me). Somehow, in the rush of growing up, we lose touch with what science actually means as we focus on equations, formulas, and pop culture interpretations that bore us/frighten us/(insert unpleasant verb of choice). Science is often tragically misrepresented, when de facto, it should be celebrated!


I’ve outline some of the reasons over at Correlations. Take a look


  1. #1 Linda
    December 12, 2007

    Science is life.. What an amazing and extraordinary undertaking both you and Chris are making in this effort for real ‘Science’ discourse. I can hardly wait for all of this to be heard. Congratulations to both of you, and also for your article in the HuffingtonPost, and Chris’ in the LA Times.

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