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The Intersection in 2008

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[The Intersection in LA, plotting world domination.]

Well what better way for two cobloggers to ring in the new year than from the same coast and time zone? We’re blogging together from L.A.–catching up on framing science, sea cucumbers, hurricanes–and plans for The Intersection. We’ve got some BIG ideas for 2008!

This year we’ll be writing about the upcoming election, the stormy world, conservation, the environment, and the intersection of science with art, literature, history, and more. Now and then Sparticus Maximus the Great will take over and provide his birdbrain perspective, too–he’s been getting lots of email. Sheril will buy a new computer, Chris will explore California, ScienceDebate2008 will get rolling, and best of all, there’s a great big secret we can’t share yet… but just wait!

We’ve got a lot in store this year and so glad our readers are coming along for the ride. So Happy New Year folks, and hold on tight!


  1. #1 Linda
    January 3, 2008

    Sounds promising and exciting…
    The two of you look great!!
    Here’s to a New Year that gets better and better.

  2. #2 J
    January 3, 2008

    What are you up to in LA?

  3. #3 J
    January 3, 2008

    I live downtown. Sheryl, you do look great. You should post where you guys are going to be tonight so us readers can hang out with you.

  4. #4 Lance
    January 3, 2008

    “plotting world domination”

    I KNEW IT! At last the world wide eco-socialist global warming juanta is exposed!

    Wait until I tell neuroconservative about this at the next John Birch Society meeting.

    Long live Anarcho Randian Capitalism!

    Oh, and have a beer for me guys.


  5. #5 Eric the Leaf
    January 4, 2008

    Well, congratulations to Obama and Huckabee. They’re the winners in Iowa. Obama riding a tide that reminds me of the groudswell for Bobby Kennedy in the 60s. My bet is on Obama to win the nomination. Huckabee clearly the guy with the best sense of humor, and who even put in a good word for atheists. But my bet is on McCain to move ahead. Well, maybe.

    I still don’t know where they stand on what is, in my opinion, the questions of the century, the growth of the human population and peak oil. My guess is that the latter may enter into the discussion before the general election, but may be the only topic on people’s minds by 2012. Maybe The Intersection will weigh in one of these days.

  6. #6 Dano
    January 4, 2008

    I hope, Chris, those squinty-eyes are from a decent microbrew or vino from a few hours north…

    Go git ’em, sir.



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