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More Storm World News

Well, the book has been out for some five months now…but it was just recently reviewed in a top Canadian newspaper, the Toronto Globe & Mail. A quote:

…perhaps the most lasting legacy of Storm World is not its descriptions of hurricane science or politics. Instead, it’s Mooney’s disgruntled discourse on the misguided practice of scientists who “cling to the antiquated myth that their job is merely to put the ‘facts’ out there, and nothing more.” Mooney goes on: “Scientists can complain all they want, but they’d be better off taking actual measures to prevent and counter it [misuse of their facts]. … If the hurricane-global warming conflagration teaches nothing else, it must surely teach us this.”

Disgruntled? Not sure I’d say that….

Storm World was also named a year end pick by my hometown paper, the New Orleans Times Picayune. And of course this isn’t the last you’ll be hearing about the book…next August, amid hurricane season 08, it will be out in paperback with a new introduction by yours truly, as well as a new Katrina related cover image. You can preorder the paperback online now at Amazon–cheap. I’ll have more updates as the paperback pub date approaches….and probably more commentary from the American Meteorological Society annual meeting in New Orleans later this month!