The Intersection

In the epic unfolding that began last week here at The Intersection–which has come to be known throughout the interwebs as The Great Marine Invertebrate Wars–it’s a proud day for echinoderm enthusiasts everywhere…

Yes friends, the ever-charismatic sea cucumber has become a comic book hero!


When we last left Pucker, we were missing the other star on the marquee of my nascent Web comic. But given the recent kerfuffle over on the Science Blogs over the merits of molluscs versus echinoderms, it seemed natural to settle on a sea cucumber as the best choice to play the sparring role. So there you have it folks, it’s decided: Pucker is an octopus and Bloat will be a sea cucumber.

Read more of the saga that is Episode I over at Cephalopodcast.


  1. #1 Cal Harth
    March 23, 2008

    We are impaired dry-footed people. It is hard for most folks to understand that we live on an ocean planet. It seems like we know more about the moon than what is under the surface of the ocean water.
    Sea cucumbers are amazing animals. We don’t know enough about them.
    While in the military I ate raw sea cucumbers once at a Korean restaraunt. Despite all the warnings I ate local food and drank the water like native Koreans did. It was not bad.

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