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Storm World Hardcover for Cheap

i-1a0979a02359a7ec043a287a080e0cfb-stormworld cover.jpgIt has recently come to my attention that Amazon is selling them for $ 8.49–a dramatic markdown from the list price of $ 26.00–so if you haven’t gotten one yet but had planned on it or wanted to, now is the time.

Alternatively, you can wait for the paperback with the new cover and afterword, which is due out in August.


  1. #1 Randy Olson
    April 30, 2008

    I think Amazon does this sort of randomly. For my movie, Flock of Dodos, I noticed a couple months ago they dropped the price from $26 to $11 and I thought, “Oh, gee, they’ve given up on it,” but then the next week it bounced back up to $23.99 where it is now.

    Which means everyone should probably grab Storm World right now at this reduced price because they’ll probably do the same and move it back up soon.

  2. #2 Chris C. Mooney
    April 30, 2008

    I think they are moving inventory. We’re not selling well enough, Randy….;>. Seriously, this has happened with both of my books now….

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