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One week ago I left for the 33rd Annual AAAS Forum on Science and Technology Policy…So what went on over two days in our nation’s capitol? LOTS!

i-f766a6993293be37c79171d0791bd36b-podium.jpgThe event was fantastic! In fact, with so many wonderful contributions, there’s no way I could possibly do it justice with a single post, so I’ll highlight some of the details of my session here and encourage readers to check out the presentations, listen to talks, read transcripts, and view photos as they’re posted throughout the week.

My panel was on ‘Science and the New Media‘ along with Seed’s Adam Bly and Dr. Anthony Crider, who teaches physics near me at Elon University when he’s not wandering through the SciLands in Second Life. The panel was moderated by the delightful Dr. Al Teich, who is not only the Director of Science & Policy Programs at AAAS, but also an Intersection Personality himself. Al is a magnificent photographer! Just take a look

i-298a50788836cd9062866c7d40afe90f-group.jpgAdam began by discussing Seed’s many projects–including ScienceBlogs. Tony explained the way Second Life affords all sorts of exciting opportunities to educate and engage folks in thinking about and participating in science. I knew very little about virtual worlds, but the possibilities seem endless. I brought The Intersection along of course! I quoted many readers comments at the end, providing my own perspectives and examples based on the questions presented in the program. The powerpoint presentations are already available online, and I will let readers know when audio is up next week.


  1. #1 Linda
    May 15, 2008

    You shine girl!
    I will follow this throughout the week.

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