The Intersection

..back in the District for Capitol Hill Oceans Week (CHOW) 2008.

i-1b824ecdcbb25980e30edb2c41f5eb43-ca coast.pngIt hardly seems that a year has passed since last the marine policy crowd converged upon the nation’s capitol. CHOW an annual event where we share stories of success, lessons learned, discuss impending trouble, and figure out what legislation may move. It’s a week I’ve come to look forward to. Not only do I get the opportunity to catch up with old friends on both coasts, but we figure out how we’re best able to work together.

Topics this time around include everything from the impacts of climate change to marine debris and aquaculture. And as I mentioned a couple weeks back, rumor has it that our President is real interested in leaving a ‘blue legacy‘… Needless to say, I’m particularly looking forward to this year’s discussion.

But first, I now leave the Starbucks on 14th St to head to the National Press Club for a morning panel discussion on the new ARISE (Advancing Research in Science and Engineering) report. Great topic!

With so much going on in Cap City (as always), check back later this week for details…