The Intersection

i-b460d7c4aa53aac4203733ec1ba88ca0-construction.jpgI have probably been remiss in not doing this post sooner.

You may have noticed that Sheril and I are not blogging with our regular frequency these days. There’s a reason: We are, as we’ve announced previously, working on our book, which is going to consume us for much of the summer. I still plan on tracking hurricanes in the Atlantic this summer/fall, and Sheril will have much to say about marine biology, our scientific workforce, and other matters that interest her.

But still, we do expect posting frequency to be lower, at least until we say otherwise. We apologize for the downturn, but that’s all it is–a temporary slowdown so that we can achieve some big goals and set in place some even bigger plans.

Thanks for bearing with us.


  1. #1 Cal Harth
    June 14, 2008

    Chris and Sheril,
    Take your time. Write a good book. I’ll read it. We’ll all watch the weather. We have some disturbing things happening in the oceans and continental environments. We’ll be patient.

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