The Intersection

Good Golly Miss Dolly


This storm, heading for the Mexico-Texas border, is now a hurricane. Our second of the 2008 season, and it’s not even August yet….

Eric Berger has some interesting discussion of just how busy this year is starting out. Only three years in recorded history have been busier so early, and two of them are the busiest two years in history: 2005 and 1933.

Did I mention I was worried?


  1. #1 Barn Owl
    July 22, 2008

    I’m about 250 miles north of Brownsville/Matamoros, and we’re expecting bands of rain showers and gusty winds from Dolly tomorrow. It seemed a little breezier this evening after sunset, but that might just be coincidence. All of the southbound freeways to Corpus Christi and the Valley have hurricane notices posted this evening – I love to beach-comb in the wake of hurricanes and tropical storms, but we’ll see what kind of hit Padre Island takes from this one.

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