The Intersection


A one-month-old Ferruginous Pygmy-owl, Glaucidium brasilianum, at the National Zoo in Managua, in the spring of 2008. The owl was brought to the zoo after its nest fell from a rotten branch at a construction site.

Bonus points if you recognize the quote in the title.


  1. #1 Sacoglossan
    July 26, 2008

    Twin Peaks!

  2. #2 Hank Roberts
    July 26, 2008

    This how you say “recognize” — is that a synonym for the verb ‘Google’?

    Now, what is this “Twin Peaks” — owl habitat?

  3. #3 Greg Laden
    July 26, 2008

    I knew it was Twin Peaks. No googling. Just a look in the mirror.

  4. #4 Andrew
    July 26, 2008

    The quote is from Twin Peaks…

  5. #5 Sheril R. Kirshenbaum
    July 26, 2008

    Nicely done Sacoglossan, Hank, Greg, and Andrew… whether out of nostalgia, google, or reflection 😉

    Having missed the series when it premiered in 1990, I’m now nearly done making my way through both seasons.

    Given our current Lost and X Files obsessed culture, I expect Twin Peaks would be just as–if not even more–popular today. Especially now that we have DVDs to help stragglers keep up with a convoluted and fascinating story.

    I’d love to see David Lynch bring back this thought-provoking series, perhaps updated for 2008.

  6. #6 Jessica Palmer
    July 27, 2008

    Seeing that title scroll by on the list of recent posts brought a big smile to my face. Thanks!

    (and no, I’m no relation to Laura)

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