The Intersection

It should come as no surprise to regular readers that I am a tremendous fan of Michelle Obama. She just gave, as Andrew Sullivan describes:

One of the best, most moving, intimate, rousing, humble, and beautiful speeches I’ve heard from a convention platform. Maybe she should be running for president. You don’t need any commentary from me. This was a home-run. And sincere. Thank God that in the end, the truth struggles out there. Just look at her mother’s face.

Listen to Michelle’s inspiring words from Denver:


  1. #1 rawdawgbuffalo
    August 26, 2008

    I wrote in March that Barack"he has a Coretta."

  2. #2 Matthew C. Nisbet
    August 26, 2008

    Have to say I disagree that last night was a success. I thought M. Obama did a terrific job and she is very charismatic, but after three hours of TV viewing I couldn’t put my finger on an over-arching frame or narrative.

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