The Intersection

On Doing It All

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Michelle Obama, as quoted in the NYTimes:

I was raised to believe I could do it all, and that was very empowering. Then I got into the work force and realized there was really no support for me to do it all. … We either have to fix that or be honest about it.

I share a similar perspective.


  1. #1 Malia
    August 28, 2008

    I agree.

    Now how do we fix it?

  2. #2 yttrai
    August 28, 2008

    Wow. That is very close to my own discovery – as a child i wasn’t even TOLD i could do anything since it was a fundamental, basic assumption. When i got into the real world and discovered that was not true, it took me totally by surprise.

    Not that i’m “successful” in the way M. Obama, or S. Kirshenbaum are – i’m just a working stiff with a mortgage and some geeky hobbies. But it was still a complete surprise when i got to college and discovered that sexism was alive and well 🙁

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