The Intersection

Obama. McCain. Energy.

Over at NexGen, it’s the Obama McCain Energy Smackdown:

Okay ladies and gentlemen…………. Let’s get ready to rumble! Two candidates. Two possible administrations. Energy policy. Doesn’t get much more relevant than that.

obamamccainfight.pngBoth are Senators who say they’d like to reduce U.S. reliance on foreign oil, fight global warming, and cap greenhouse gas emissions with increased focus on nuclear power. What partisan politics? Time to dig a little deeper…

Since Obama already answered the 14 questions posed by ScienceDebate2008 laying out his perspectives, here’s a peak at McCain’s position:

McCain isn’t big on developing technologies to reduce emissions or alternatives to fossil fuels arguing “unintended consequences” can result from wrongheaded interference in the marketplace. He’s been reluctant to support government incentives such as tax credits for wind and solar energy and supports Yucca Mountain as a nuclear storage site. McCain wants to extend incentives for nuclear development and aims for a 60% reduction of emissions from 1990 levels by the mid century. He also supports a temporary suspension of the federal gasoline tax and is proponent of offshore oil drilling.

There’s plenty more detail in my full post