The Intersection


DNA testing has now proven that a pup carried by a female blacktip shark in a Virginia aquarium contained no genetic material from a male.

The research was reported in Friday’s Journal of Fish Biology and marks the first verified case of asexual development in this lineage.


  1. #1 eddie
    October 12, 2008

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  2. #2 eddie
    October 12, 2008

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  3. #3 eddie
    October 14, 2008

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  4. #4 Kristine
    October 15, 2008

    Apparently no one else seems to find this exciting (ie – no comments), but I think this is really interesting. It leads to all sorts of questions on how the mechanics of asexual reproduction work in sharks and what the drivers are, and I wonder what the reprocussions could be for stem cell research.

  5. #5 Dante
    October 17, 2008

    I think this is very interesting, I wonder what will happen to the shark later in life (i.e. decrease/increase life span?) or how comparable this type of animal will be to the wild ones.

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