The Intersection

Halloween 2008 and I’m dressed as GOP vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin. I tried to find a stuffed animal fruit fly to carry around as means to distinguish myself from the other Sarah Palins wandering 9th St in Durham, but to no avail. So it goes. And now for the second annual HALLOWEEN reader poll on this 31st day of October…

Which of the following do you find scariest and why? (answer in comments)

a) Bush’s last stand against the environment
b) Sarah Palin as President
c) The current state of our economy
d) John McCain on SNL
e) Global climate change

* Alternative frightening submissions of your own are also encouraged *

And of course, would it really be Halloween without a tribute to the Ghostbusters?


  1. #1 Becca
    October 31, 2008

    Palin as president. Cheney would have been pretty bad, he’s pure evil, likes guns, and has no aim.
    Palin would be worse. She’s pure evil, likes guns, and has good aim, and is dumb enough to think I’m a moose! Or just not care that I’m not a moose, since I’m not part of “Real America”.

  2. #2 Raúl
    October 31, 2008

    Definitely Sarah Palin as President.
    She would use superstition and ignorance to make decisions that would affect all other options (except McCain on SNL, since he would be dead).

  3. #3 Philip H.
    October 31, 2008

    I’ll go Current State of the Economy, followed by Bush’s stand on the environment with Global warming bringing up the rear.

  4. #4 Monado in Toronto
    October 31, 2008

    B), Sarah Palin as President.

    You could take a bible, with an altered title such as “Bible-based Presidential Policy & Blessed Blatherings” and a lot of sticky notes marking special passages, such as “Health Care” for the driving out of demons and “Parental discipline” for the execution of uppity kids. Then you could read people bits on cue.

  5. #5 Doug Alder
    October 31, 2008

    B for certain and fright night 🙂

  6. #6 ail
    November 1, 2008

    Bush’s quiet dismantling of environmental and consumer protection regulations.

    The reason I fear it most is that it goes largely unnoticed by the average person and is happening now. If Palin were to become president, she would be under scrutiny from all angles. Opposition would be massive and widespread to her inevitable abuses of power. What Bush is doing, by contrast, comes under the radar, except for special interests which benefit and a few non-profit organizations whose voice is drowned in the clamor surrounding the election.

    Don’t expect a Saturday Night Live sketch featuring the OMB anytime soon.

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