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Science And The Next President

i-842ce7b3112ea3d8673b9ebb817eec21-obamapreselect.pngOn the dawn of what some anticipate will be a new golden age for American science, we must remember the challenges ahead for President Obama. Times of change bring enormous possibilities, and in our latest post at Talking Science, we discuss opportunities in the next Administration:

President Obama cannot save science alone. He needs an army of people behind him with the resolve to realize the change that they’ve already dared to dream. This requires a sustained lobbying effort, not just put forth by science community, but coming from concerned citizens across America who understand that our world remains connected by our own science and imagination.

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  1. #1 SLC
    November 7, 2008

    In regard to this post, it is very worrying that there is a rumor going around that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. may get a high post in the Obama administration. Secretary of the Interior or EPA administrator have been mentioned. Given the fact that Mr. Kennedy is a total whackjob scientifically speaking, as evidenced by his anti-vaccination stands and claims about mercury in vaccines causing autism, such an appointment sends the wrong message to the scientific community. I think that this is something that Mr. Mooney especially should be upset about, considering his strong criticisms of the current administrations’ attitude to science.

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