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The boys at Deep Sea News are hosting Carnival of the Blue this month:

This 18th edition of the Carnival of the Blue is one mixed with awe and pessimism, yet optimistic for the beginning of a new political era in the United States. Keep in mind these posts were written prior to the November 4th election. The future editions of the Carnival of the Blue will be very interesting to watch. With the new political landscape will optimism reign supreme? Will there be more blog coverage on proposed solutions to problems pertaining to our ocean’s health? More analysis of an administration’s plans to increase MPAs and no-take reserves, better manage our tasty ocean food-stock, and curb emissions that are directly linked with ocean acidification or human accelerated climate change and its effects? Only time will tell, but you can guarantee that marine blogosphere will be there covering it every step of the way!

They begin with a contribution from The Intersection. Check it out