The Intersection

This morning I’m off to meet Chris in LA for the launch of the National Academy of Sciences Science and Entertainment Exchange. The Exchange will connect producers, directors, writers and others in need of scientific information for their productions with science, medical and engineering experts.

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Spanning the range of science topics, The Exchange can find experts that will work with you to identify and effectively portray the science details that complement a storyline. We can help flesh out ideas that depend upon accurate details relating to insects, extraterrestrial life, unusual Earth-based life forms, or the mysteries of oceans. We can refine concepts relating to emerging science concepts in areas such as space travel, multiple dimensions, nanotechnology, computer technology, and engineering. We can find experts in environmental and ecological issues, health, medicine, and disease, and U.S. educational practices. We are also well positioned to work with you on public policy issues that relate to science such as stem cell research, global climate change, and teaching about evolution and the nature of science.

We’re looking forward to tomorrow’s event and the agenda suggests this interdisciplinary initiative is off to a strong start.


  1. #1 Jennifer Ouellette
    November 18, 2008

    I guess I’ll see you guys there!

  2. #2 Karen Runyon
    November 19, 2008

    Good luck. I am hopeful in all endeavors of the NAS, but strongly skeptical that the entertainment industry will value accuracy over exciting story-line.

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