The Intersection

It’s time. The December Geminid Meteor Shower is upon us–the most satisfying of all the annual meteor displays (yes, even the Perseids). For the best viewing, watch when the constellation Gemini will be rising above the east-northeast horizon.


Last night’s full moon may dim this year’s display, but even so, try Sunday evening during the interval between twilight and the rise of the waning gibbous moon. (Find the best time at your location here.) You might even catch an ‘earthgrazer‘–the long, bright ‘shooting stars‘ that streak overhead from just below the horizon and follow a path almost parallel to our atmosphere.


  1. #1 Ashutosh
    December 13, 2008

    I remember watching the Geminids in India a long time ago and it was an unforgettable experience. I think we even saw an ‘earthgrazer’. Seems to be the kind of thing everyone should do once in their lifetime.

  2. #2 Peter Morgan
    December 14, 2008

    has a graphic that locates the radiant in the sky well.

  3. #3 Abstruse
    December 14, 2008

    A friend just came in and said he saw a meteor while I was reading this article.

    We live in San Pedro Belize.

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