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I know, the Bush administration is history. So, I’ve argued, is the “Republican war on science.” But if you never yet got a copy of the book of the same name, now’s the time–Amazon is selling the paperback, new, for $ 4.99. I don’t usually hawk my wares like this, but that’s damn cheap.

While in Shreveport, Louisiana also we stopped at the Science Center to stretch our legs in the gift shop. Friendly folks, but still a reminder of the unfortunate Pluto affair. About half of the solar system mobiles, puzzles, and games had the 9th planet and the other half–not so much. What’s a space-loving youngster to…

Maybe teenage geeks and fantasy-loving atheists have a shared faith after all? As Dylan Otto Krider reports over at the Colorado Daily, a University of Colorado postgraduate named Theo Zijderveld is making a serious argument to this effect: For the paper, Zijderveld applied the French sociologist Danil Hervieu-Lger’s four dimensions required to be considered a…

Properly driving cross country involves stopping at unusual roadside attractions and sampling every regional delicacy you find. And once the landscape gets monotonous, calling into the local pop radio station to say you’d like to fill in as their guest DJ. Props to Brad Wells on Louisiana’s Star 101.9 for indulging me.

Crossing The Mississippi

The wind drowned out my commentary over the river, but watch for the train:

Colbert with RWOS

Thanks for Eric Roston for being tech savvy enough to capture this.

Colbert Retorts

My latest Science Progress column is up: It makes the case that Stephen Colbert is the heir to Johnny Carson in terms of talk show promotion of science. It also includes various lame and stupid talking points that I made up and didn’t use on the show, such as the following hypothetical Q&A responses: Didn’t…

Finding Dreamland

This morning I woke up in Mississippi. Our highlight so far was Dreamland BBQ in Birmingham, Alabama. Has anyone been there? I also gave The Flip a try when the sun appeared in Georgia, so here goes a test run: Tonight, it’s Austin, TX.

Arrival in Princeton

So…I have a new home. Just two days ago now, I arrived in Princeton, New Jersey and occupied a new apartment here, along with the fiance and the puppy. Los Angeles was a blast, and it’s somewhere I think everyone ought to try to live–but I wanted to get back to the hoary old east…

On The Road

By the time this post publishes, I’ll be on the open road somewhere between the Atlantic and Pacific.  I’m leaving NC a couple months to circle the states for meetings, talks, and some fun along the way.  Stopping soon at UT Austin before heading west to USC where I’m looking forward to catching up with…