The Intersection

Over Austin



  1. #1 Cal Harth
    February 1, 2009

    I hope your road trip is going well. I’m jealous.

    Is this intended to be a bird quiz? I’ll take the bait. My guesses right to left: A partial view of a Common Grackle; three American Robins (the first with its head turned towards you partially); a Jay of some type – maybe a Blue Jay; possibly another Jay; last – can’t tell from the view.

    Bird quizzes are a challenge, but fun. I had one once with five similarly-sized albinistic songbirds in a museum collection.

  2. #2 Lilian Nattel
    February 1, 2009

    Cool pic.

  3. #3 Sheril R. Kirshenbaum
    February 2, 2009

    No quiz intended, but you got them with the first guess 🙂 These are Austin’s Grackles.

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