The Intersection

Science Debate has done a great analysis of the science funding that has emerged from the House-Senate reconciliation process on the stimulus bill. For the most part, science funding was restored through the reconciliation process: $ 3 billion for NSF; $ 2 billion for DOE Science; $ 5.4 million for DOE research on efficiency and renewable energy; and 10.4 billion for NIH.

You can check out the full analysis here. Assuming this bill gets to the president’s desk and is signed–which seems a fairly safe assumption at this point–then this is great news for science and American innovation.

However, as we are moving into unprecedented deficit land, it’s going to be very important to keep on the administration to make sure that the dedication to research shown in the stimulus bill remains on the agenda….


  1. #1 Ashutosh
    February 13, 2009

    That is good news. But it is not enough to infuse. The funds must diffuse

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