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What Causes Black Ice?

Picture it. A bridge in Connecticut, January 2004. Having left New York at 4:30 am, I settled into my Honda hoping to reach Maine before nightfall. The first couple hours were uneventful until… suddenly the wheel locked, the brakes failed and my car spun haphazardly across three lanes to face oncoming traffic. Yet somehow, we…

Research just published in Nature links Alzheimer’s disease and prion diseases. The prion protein is the receptor for amyloid-beta, the peptide that makes up Alzheimer’s plaques. It’s not my area, but Ed’s explanation is fascinating. This could be big, so go read the details at Not Exactly Rocket Science: Alzheimer’s disease is the most common…

Your Own Personal Solar System

Kenneth Chang continues the Pluto blogging by asking readers to select a preference among the following planetary options: The Current Answer: Eight. The current situation dictated by the I.A.U. where Pluto is a dwarf planet, not a planet. The “No Planet Left Behind” Option: 13. If a planet were any round object in orbit around…

Big (No) Deal

The auto bailout collapsed in the Senate, failing to pass the $14 billion stopgap measure and possibly dooming GM and Chrysler to bankruptcy. “It’s disappointing that Congress failed to act last night,” said White House Deputy Press Secretary Tony Fratto. “We will evaluate our options in light of the breakdown in Congress.” Now what?

Art From Shadows

Give this video at least a minute and you’ll see some spectacular shadow art. I particularly like the last style (1:15) using sculptured mass to create recognizable form:

Might be related to ScienceDebate2008… so check back soon 😉

Until then, try to guess what we have to tell you….

Nader the Vote Raider

I don’t have much to add to Sheril’s recent post on Ralph Nader–and I certainly don’t have anything nearly as clever to put up here as the Forrest Gump picture (although I will add that unlike Nader, Forrest did eventually stop running). I will say this, though. As someone who was working at a liberal…

Fun With π

= 3.1415926… Over at Correlations, I’m having fun with π: Just think: patterns exist that establish themselves out of disorder. So could it be that a higher order of some kind constructed a universe ascribing to specified geometrical axioms that result in early trajectories forward? And what if these single points of origin determine not…

2007: The Year in ScienceBlogging

As some of you will no doubt already have noticed, the main ScienceBlogs page now has up a cool feature that runs you through the top scienceblogging subjects of 2007. Sheril and I are proud to note that the Intersection has been at the epicenter of three of the biggest blogologues from this year: framing…