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Hometown Heroes

I’m really proud of two of my old high school classmates who still live in New Orleans, Cory Morton and Hal Braden. Not only did they get in Sports Illustrated recently–they did so for a good cause.

A Suggestion for New Orleans

Hey, maybe when they’re done with the rather inappropriate Mardi Gras celebration this year, they can gather up all the trash left on the street and use *that* to plug holes in the levees. Or better yet, how about asking all the tourists who come down to spend half a day cleaning up the mess…

Ray Robertson, aka Pat Nagin

I’ve never been impressed with New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin, but I did not know he was this batty. From the Washington Post:

Political Arithmetic

Bush was in New Orleans yesterday, the day we learned that the federal budget deficit is going to be $ 60 billion more than expected, thanks to spending related to hurricane Katrina. Of course, that $ 60 billion hardly represents the only economic impact of the hurricane. For example, there are the insured and uninsured…