I started in on The Structure of Evolutionary Theory last night and got about 32 pages in, although I hope to cover more ground today. I’ve been especially fixated upon a brief paragraph involving the interplay of archetypes and ancestors (on pg. 12, I think it was), something that I intend to write about when the idea has more fully distilled itself from my thoughts. While I was half-joking about a “book club” forming here on Sb, other bloggers have picked up on the trend, and here’s the latest batch of links for the discussion surrounding Gould’s tome. I’ll be adding to this basic list as more posts are generated (and if I’ve left something out, please let me know in the comments so I can add the post);

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I don’t think I can match the breakneck pace that has gotten Razib through about 10% of the book already, but I am enjoying the book so far. Yes, it could use some editing, but I’ve already come across a number of passages that have triggered minor explosions of thought that made me go rushing to find a pen and some paper in order to get everything down before I lost them. What I’ll think of the book by the time I reach the end, I have no idea, but so far I am looking at the book a bit like a squashed fossil. Both messy and intricate, it might sometimes be difficult to tell what exactly I’m looking at, but it provides plenty of food for thought. I’ll be less vague when I’ve completed chapter 1.


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    January 30, 2008

    thanks for the round-up! i appreciate it.

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