It has been nearly a week since Darwinius, a 47-million-year-old primate heralded as the “missing link”, burst on the public scene. (See some of my previous posts about the fossil here, here, and here.) Nicknamed “Ida”, the fossil has already spurred comments from nearly all corners of the science blogohedron, but with documentaries about her airing tonight (USA) and tomorrow (UK) there is still plenty to talk about.

That’s why I am organizing a one-time-only blog carnival all about Ida. Whether you want to tackle the media hype, the more technical aspects of her discovery, or something else entirely, I would encourage you to write something in the next week and send it to me (evogeek AT gmail DOT COM, subject line “Ida Carnival”) no later than 9:00 AM (Eastern Time) on Monday, June 1. The carnival itself will go up later that day, probably by 1:00 PM.

If you have already written something about Ida, feel free to submit it, but I would love to see some original contributions. The new documentaries and the pop-sci book about her, for instance, have yet to be covered. Regardless of what angle you take, though, please consider submitting something. Ida’s popularity gives us an unique opportunity to share science with the public, and I suggest we make the most of it.


  1. #1 Mo Hassan
    May 25, 2009

    sounds good… I may review tomorrow’s BBC documentary and maybe draw my representation of Ida

  2. #2 Coturnix
    May 25, 2009

    Oh, Lord, I thought my Friday linkfest on everyONE blog was the end of it…no such luck, I guess, if people are still writing about this.

  3. #3 Laelaps
    May 25, 2009

    There’s still plenty to talk about, especially with the documentaries airing this week. Hopefully we’ll get some good science posts in here, but I figured one last link-fest was due before this whole thing slips away.

  4. #4 BrianR
    May 25, 2009

    this is a great idea … I may not have time to produce a good contribution, but I definitely look forward to seeing all the posts in one place (lists of links are good, but carnivals tend to be even better since the host puts some effort in to organizing/summarizing/introducing posts).

  5. #5 Karen James
    May 26, 2009

    I have my popcorn and laptop at the ready for tonight’s airing of the documentary in the UK.

  6. #6 Zach Miller
    May 26, 2009

    Can I just do a simple B&W reconstruction? Don’t have time for much else, unfortunately…

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