“Big Kitties”

For a handful of some of my favorite photos of big cats, check out this post on the website Paw Talk.


  1. #1 Todd E
    September 28, 2009

    Thank`s Love the Big Cats Myself =^..^=

  2. #2 Janice C
    September 28, 2009

    Gorgeous photos of these magnificent cats. Love Laelaps!

  3. #3 JefFlyingV
    September 28, 2009

    Brian, it has been a long time since I lived in South Jersey (the pine barrens), are there any medium or small non-housecats that live in the area?

  4. #4 Mike Olson
    September 29, 2009

    Great photos. My favorites in the group are the leopard and the cougar.

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