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This is a nice area and I have taken the liberty of ducking out on one or two sessions to do some of my own comparative physiology sleuthing. Like most comparative physiologists, some of my best work is done outside the lab.

I think I could live here. This suburban Denver city is the eighth most populous in the state. In 2006, it was ranked 24th in Money magazine’s Top 100 Best Places to Live. That was a notch above Ann Arbor, MI.

However, deciding where to live rarely is left up to just one person. Isn’t there always a SO (significant other), spouse, offspring in the picture with their own POV, which of course must be considered? I have the next three days all to myself. I’ll look around some more and maybe into the career opportunities for enterprising physiologists.


  1. #1 Linda Allen
    August 6, 2010

    Thanks for posting about the meeting! I always love these comparative meetings because the researchers and the research are so interesting. It is nice to see so many “young” people at the meeting and so many international attendees. I hope to see everyone at the 2014 meeting!