Image Source: UA News, Brian Curry, Rutgers.

It is easy to get lost in a crowd, especially in an area as densely packed as New York. Scientists from UCLA, Rutgers University, UC Davis and The University of Alabama have discovered a new species of frog in just that region! The frogs were found in the ponds and marshes of Staten Island, mainland New York and New Jersey although there is evidence that they were recently common on Long Island as well. Jeremy Feinberg is the ecologist responsible for discovering what he thought were leopard frogs with a very strange call. Despite looking an awful like leopard frogs, however, genetic testing show this to be a new species that has yet to be named. The center of its current known range appears to be Yankee Stadium in the Bronx…maybe they like baseball.

Just goes to show that new species might be awaiting discovery in our own backyards. Although I would not mind traveling to the Galapagos Islands at least once in my life.

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University of Alabama, UA News.