“The Peeps Show”

For the last several years the Washington Post has sponsored a Peeps Diorama Contest. It’s an opportunity for people to express their creativity using those yellow (or pink) marshmallow candy bunnies and birds that fill grocery store shelves in the weeks leading up to the spring (and other) holidays.

One reader tried their hand at merging creativity, peeps, and comparative physiology: Their poster says, “Dr. Dolittle: We love Comparative Ph[peep]siolog[peep] because we like working with people! Anonypeeps.” (One of the take-away lessons from Anonypeeps for those interested in creating your own peeps show, is that the effort is more time consuming than the final product appears and another is that epoxy works better than glue). Thanks, “Peep Artists,” for your hard work. Your t-shirts are on the way!


For those interested in the winners of the Post’s 2012 contest, the winner was just announced today: “OccuPeep D.C.”!
occupeep DC.jpg
Source: The Washington Post

You can also check out other finalists along with prior winners or catch the virtual factory tour of the candy’s manufacturer, Just Born.

The Experimental Biology meeting starts Saturday, April 21 in San Diego. While there, please show us your “comparative spirit.” In the meantime, please keep sending your entries on why you like comparative physiology, or in this case “Peepology”, for a chance to win a “What’s New in Comparative Physiology” t-shirt! Submit your entries to: drdlttl01@gmail.com

Here is my favorite 2011 peeps show finalist, “TSA agents get a peep show”:

Source: The Washington Post

See you in San Diego!