Fabled sea serpents do exist!!

A guide from the Catalina Island Marine Institute discovered the carcass of an oarfish (Regalecus glesne) off the coast of Catalina Island this week. Oarfish are the longest bony fish (reports up to ~50 feet long) in the ocean. Because oarfish live deep in the ocean, there have been limited studies on their physiology or behavior. So this was quite the exciting find!

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  1. #1 Neil
    October 17, 2013

    I guess it’s easy for current living man to believe that this sort of thing explains a thousand years of sea faring eye witness accounts of enormous sea serpents, but we completely disregard all ancient accounts of advanced technology and contact with beings of super intelligence and superior technology, even though matching accounts are found on every continent. There are literally paintings of noble men with pet dragons, that we would call dinosaurs. What seems more likely is that when ancient men, from different parts of the globe and no contact with each other, recorded encounters with nearly identical enormous dangerous beasts we do not find in existence today that they likely actually encountered enormous dangerous beasts that no longer exist today. Seriously doubt a dying fish 2 inches thick even at 50 feet lengths would stir such accounts. People today can recognize them as not being any kind of threat which is why photos of dying oar fish are always of oar fish being held by people in swimming suits, even though often these happen in remote areas and are encountered by people who have never heard of or seen anything like them. All those elongated skulls that primitive tribes try to reproduce in their own children with boards that deform their skulls, are proven scientifically to be at the least not entirely human, their skulls do not have the same amount of bones that even humans with artificially deformed skulls always have, and also they have other more advanced features such as tubules that would hold nerve tissue that we do not have. They managed to become leaders in nearly all ancient societies globally with effigies carved into stone on several continents from the same time period, and their impact is still evident today. Even what we know today as the greys were recorded by ancient peoples worldwide.They were considered far more advanced then, so even if you refuse to listen to the accounts of the nephilim and just look at history through a truly objective lens which is what our sciences is suppose to do, then you have to realize that we are not evolving in a progressive manner, we and all life on this planet are slowly deteriorating through every successive genetic replication, becuase that is what the facts tell us is happening.

  2. #2 EpiPete
    October 17, 2013

    Well that escalated quickly!

  3. #3 Barlowe Cross
    October 18, 2013

    Neil you are 100% right. There exists an order of man that wants us to forget our history. They predate the illuminati and are called the Brotherhood of the Snake. I have dedicated my life to exposing them. There is a website claiming to be them, whether it is real or not is still a mystery. Check it out for yourself. http://www.thebrotherhoodofthesnake.com