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Researchers at Duke University are interested in understanding the metamorphosis of fruit flies from larvae to adult stage in an effort to understand how the insects grow new nerve endings as they undergo this transition. What is interesting is that the flies lose neurons they will not need as an adult and will grow new…

Strangest Animals

I just read this blog describing the very strange animal moments. Check it out! Just look at the cute little Tinkerbella fly, a mere 250 micrometers long, that was discovered in Costa Rica:

Happy Thanksgiving!

In honor of our most beloved Thanksgiving dinner guest: Despite their rather large stature, ranging from 2.5-10.8 kg, wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) can fly as seen in this video: For more information about turkeys: Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Researchers at the University of Washington have shown that a trace component in burnt sugar (like the creme brulee above) and Caramel Colour III (used to color dark beers, brown sugar, etc) has been shown to help regenerate muscles in both fruit fly and mouse models of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Drs. Morayma Reyes (Professor of Pathology and Laboratory…

Watch out for those flies!

A fly landing in the ear of a tourist visiting Peru turns out to be more than just annoying. The screwworm fly had sufficient time to lay eggs that hatched flesh-eating maggots in her ear canal. Warning: the video may be disturbing to some viewers As strange as this sounds, it is not that uncommon…