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Heroic Humpback Whales

Scientists have taken notice that humpback whales may shown signs of heroic altruism in this video posted by CNN on YouTube:

Last known living rescue dog of 9/11

On this anniversary of 9/11 we remember not only the victims but also the heroes of that fateful day including countless first responders as well as their rescue animals that searched tirelessly for victims. The last known living rescue dog from 9/11 is Bretagne, a 15-year old golden retriever who returned to the memorial site…

Rescuers have been successful in coaxing some of the stranded pilot whales to deeper waters in the Everglades National Park (Florida). However this success is still marred by tragedy as eleven animals are now confirmed dead. It is currently unclear why the whales beached themselves. Researchers are exploring many potential reasons including changing ocean currents…