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Smart dog breeds

I should have read this article before adopting my beloved pet, who is certainly not on the top 10 list of smart breeds. A cute article from published the top 10 smart breeds according to the American Kennel Club: 1. Border collie 2. German Shepherd 3. Bloodhound 4. Beagle 5. Labrador Retriever 6. Newfoundland…

Dogs Decoded on now!

I am currently watching a re-run of the NOVA special called Dogs Decoded. If you have not already seen it, you should check it out! It was actually the subjects of a prior blog that you can read here. 

Crows show ability to reason

Dr. Alex Taylor from The University of Auckland has demonstrated that New Caledonian crows have the ability to perform causal reasoning, which is the ability to infer that something you cannot see may be the cause of something. According to the article, this is the first study to experimentally demonstrate this ability in a species…

Studies of guppies show that bigger brains may mean “smarter” fish, but less offspring. Credit: Marrabbio2/Creative Commons   …at least for guppies. Dr. Alexander Kotrschal and colleagues at Uppsala University (Sweden) either shrank or grew the brains of guppies over multiple generations to create animals with up to 8-10% variations in brain size. To test for “smartness” they had…