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Creating Healthier Turkeys

Did you know that the typical Thanksgiving day broad-breasted white turkey develops in as little as 136 days (on average)? This remarkably quick development is a result of years of selective breeding.¬†The average turkey in 1929 was only about 13 pounds, whereas modern turkeys average around 30 pounds with much of the weight centered in…

Foods Fido should avoid on Thanksgiving

I came across this interesting literature on what foods you should avoid feeding a dog from the ASPCA Animal Poison Control:

Happy Thanksgiving!

In honor of our most beloved Thanksgiving dinner guest: Despite their rather large stature, ranging from 2.5-10.8 kg, wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) can fly as seen in this video: For more information about turkeys: Cornell Lab of Ornithology

This video from Scientific American explains how Thanksgiving dinner makes you feel sleepy: Happy Thanksgiving everyone!