The Loom

A Little Soul For The Holidays

I will never figure out the publishing world. My new book, Soul Made Flesh officially publishes on January 6, 2004. But Amazon and Powell’s both say they’ve got it now and can get it to customers in 1-2 days. I guess time isn’t what it used to be.

I have put some early reviews on my web site. Booklist: "Remarkable." Kirkus Reviews: "Absorbing and thought-provoking." Publisher’s Weekly: "Illuminating."

Reminder: seven days left till Christmas.


  1. #1 Tippi Blevins
    December 21, 2003

    Amazon listed my book as available two months before it was even in print. But I’ve ordered your book in the hopes it does indeed arrive early.

  2. #2 Chrissy Harrison
    September 5, 2004

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    What would they do if I made no landfall?”
    — Jimmy Buffet, “Landfall”
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