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Ugly Comments, Quiet Blogger

Please accept my apologies for the vile spam comments that keep showing up here. I hope that the folks at Corante and I can find a way to permanently shut down the flow of craven obscenity. I’ve been traveling again, and now I’m racing against a slew of deadlines, which leaves precious little time to…

New Life For Old

Jack Szostak, a scientist at Harvard Medical School, is trying to build a new kind of life. It will contain no DNA or proteins. Instead, it will based on RNA, a surprisingly mysterious molecule essential to our own cells. Szostak may reach his goal in a few years. But his creatures wouldn’t be entirely new.…

Very Noisy Evolution

On the east coast, we’re bracing for the howling emergence of a massive brood of 17-year cicadas in a couple weeks. Here’s a nice piece in the Washington Post about the evolution of this strange life history.