The Loom

No Press Releases, Please

A press release turned up in the comments for a couple of my posts. While that’s not as bad as Viagra-ad spam, it’s not in the spirit of blogosphere. If you post a press release, it will be deleted. Post a comment in your own words, and it will stay.


  1. #1 Karma Fool
    June 13, 2004

    Carl: I disagree. Using your blog to post (what I assume was a) self-serving press release is just as bad as a spam Viagra ad. In fact, it’s arguably worse, in that the Viagra ad is at least overtly spam, but a press release is more apt to be confused as somehow endorsed by the host blogger—that is, by you. So I’m using your press release “comment” incident on my own blog as an example of “bad karma.”

  2. #2 DirectCTI
    August 3, 2004

    Hey good job.

  3. #3 WogBoy
    August 3, 2004

    Yes, i agree totaly, with that!

  4. #4 Green Card
    August 16, 2004

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