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Archives for July, 2004

Mooney on the Science War

Chris Mooney has just blogged on a depressing new report that came out today that documents how the Bush administration puts politics before science.

Evolution meets IVF

Could test tube babies be revealing some of the hidden workings of evolution? It’s a definite possibility, judging from some recent reports about the balance of males and females. For several decades, evolutionary biologists have been trying to figure out the forces that set this balance. It appears that they come down to a tug…

Dawn of the Leafy Age

Recently I’ve been trying to imagine a world without leaves. It’s not easy to do at this time of year, when the trees around my house turn my windows into green walls. But a paper published on-line today at the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science inspires some effort. A team of English scientists…

The Little Ones

In 1970, the natural history illustrator Rudolph Zallinger painted a picture of human evolution called "The March of Progress" in which a parade of hominids walked along from left to right, evolving from knuckle-walking ape to tall, spear-carrying Cro-Magnon. The picture is etched in our collective consciousness, making it possible for cartoonists to draw pictures…