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Canada Evolving

On Wednesday I spoke on "The Current," the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s morning radio show. The hour-long segment focuses on various aspects of evolution, such as the evolution of diseases and the ongoing creationist circus in Georgia. I spoke about how humans are altering the evolution of other species. You can listen to the entire episode here. The audo file is broken up into pieces; part two and part three are the evolution segment.


  1. #1 Karma Fool
    November 27, 2004

    Carl: Good interview. I thought your comment regarding the fundamental evolution ignorance of physicians was particularly interesting.

  2. #2 splicemix
    November 28, 2004

    Great interview. I entirely agree with your comment that evolution is not well understood among physicians, and that it is not usually taught in medical school. In my opinion, creationism, especially of the intelligent design variety, is common among doctors, but I don’t think this has been assessed.

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