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The National Academy of Sciences just announced its 2005 Communications Awards. Gareth Cook, Pulitzer prizewinner from the Boston Globe, won the Newspaper/Magazine/Internet category for his must-read series of articles on stem cells. I was named one of two finalists, for a group of pieces about evolution that appeared during 2005 in Discover, The New York Times, and right here. I knew I might be taking a risk by including some posts from The Loom, but I was very proud of them. It’s nice to see that blogs are taking seriously by the likes of the National Academy of Sciences.


  1. #1 Steve Russell
    September 22, 2005

    Way to go, Carl.

    Not only do you lucidly explain, but you actively and creatively find connections in the data-pile that would otherwise escape most of us curious sci-phreaks.

    And your willingness to go to bat for evolutionary science, and stand toe to toe with the reality-challenged when necessary, is deeply appreciated, and elevates you well above the crowd of “science journalists.”

  2. #2 Scott Belyea
    September 26, 2005

    Congratulations! And I agree that it’s noteworthy that you were the only finalist with “blog content.” In my opinion, The Loom is exactly the sort of non-strident fact-based blog that definitely adds light and not just heat …

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