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Latest Ink: Ira-centric cosmology

A reader writes:

This is my friend, Ira Klotzko, he’s got a doc. in Physics and a great sense of humor.

I won’t share his original plan for the depiction of Uranus…

One we can share is how he jokes that the tattoo is really accurate because, as is the case with his waistline, the universe is always expanding.

Into the science tattoo hall of fame it goes…

i-5865242bd4f7720ad58d1e9b00f38a2c-Ira Tattoo.jpg


  1. #1 Richard
    August 9, 2007

    So is the guy’s nipple a meteor or a comet? This stuff is amazing. I thought I was to geeky to get a tattoo, but I have been inspired.


  2. #2 knobody
    August 9, 2007

    i’m just glad pluto is still there.

  3. #3 Peter McGrath
    August 12, 2007

    Give a new meaning to Solar Plexus, too.

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